Quit chewing plastic

Quit chewing plastic

PLASTIC AFFAIRS — Did you know that plastic is the key ingredient of most chewing gums? Plastic is the ingredient that makes chewing gum... chewy. The base of chewing gum is a mix of plastic and different chemicals, including polyethylene, which can be found in glue, plastic bags and bottles.

Not only is it unhealthy, plastic in gum has a negative impact on the environment. The small stains left from gum that used to be stuck to the sidewalk contain microplastics, which will end up in drains that filter into the ocean.

Chewing gum is a daily habit for many people, but 80 to 90% of chewing gum is not disposed of properly and is the second most common form of litter after cigarette butt.

It can take up to 5 years for a piece of gum to biodegrade. Littered gum became such a problem in Singapore, that in 1992, they decided to completely ban chewing gum.

Around 374 bilion pieces of gum are produced each year. Fortunately, there are many eco-friendly alternatives for gum-lovers who don’t want to chew on plastic.

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