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Tilieu n°7
A Summer Seasonal

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Modern home care for those who care

Biodegradable cleaning extracts to blend at home in a lasting bottle of Italian glass. Designed to reduce single-use plastic waste in your daily routine. Scientifically-proven to perform.


Developed with purpose

In ever more aspects of life, the consequences of the choices we make on a daily basis are becoming increasingly apparent.

The challenges can seem overwhelming. But what if we could lead the way in reducing the environmental impact of an entire industry, in a way that’s easy and pleasurable for the individual?

Kinfill seeks to do just that. Unlike the vast majority of regular cleaning fluids (which are 90 per cent water) Kinfill’s collection of refined homecare essentials are supplied using cleaning concentrates that are packaged in glass vials, drastically reducing the environmental impact associated with packaging waste. 

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Naranja n°55

Bring zest to your home with a scent that evokes all the uplifting effervescence of the world’s oldest fruit tree.

Lavender Fields

Naturally antibacterial, the unmistakeably evocative scent of lavender has soothing properties shown to elevate mood.


This fragrance calls to mind the outdoors and open spaces. Naturally energetic, cool and fresh.

Pine Husk

Pine, spruce, and fir trees produce terpenes, molecules which give these conifers their distinctive and refreshing scent.

Kinfill original Cleaning Extracts are scented with four evocative aromas, each bringing a specially formulated aromatic signature to your living space. Our aromas are blended from natural ingredients and conform the ECOCERT and ECOLABEL standards.

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