Our global house is on fire. Start cleaning yours.

We made cleaning sustainable, fair, elegant, sophisticated, transparent, and effortless — so you didn't have to.

The future of cleaning

A spotless home and a bright future

For so long, cleaning has meant boring routines, single-use plastic, harmful chemicals, big shady companies. We're here to change the rules of the game.

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Your cleaning essentials

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Why on earth should
 we bring you water?

You already have it: our biodegradable concentrates are made to blend at home, to reduce the environmental impact of transportation and CO2 emissions.

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Spring Fling to Summer Lovin'

Flowershop — Let the crisp notes of freshly cut flower stem and blossoms recreate the experience of a weekly bouquet-dash to your local florist – at home.

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Sustainable is beautiful

Green chemistry for the greater good

The finest natural fragrances, a polished and advanced packaging system, a virtuous service: in other words, here is the most comfortable, elegant, and tailored home care solution around.

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