International Earth Day 2024 — Planet vs. Plastic

International Earth Day 2024 — Planet vs. Plastic
On April 22nd, we celebrate Earth Day internationally, and this year’s theme is ‘Planet vs. Plastic’. It’s a day dedicated to reflecting on the urgent need to protect our global home.

At Kinfill, we believe that what is good for the planet is good for you.

Embracing a clean lifestyle means making ethical decisions. It’s a long-term commitment to give back to the planet we call home. Our dedication to minimizing single-use plastic reflects our promise to preserving the environment for future generations.

In honor of this year’s Earth Day, we invite you to sign a petition for a Global Plastics Treaty that asks for a 60% reduction of all fossil fuel-based plastic production by 2040. Sign here.

This Earth Day, we are excited to introduce a new way to store your Refills. What better way to honor our global home than with a small home, providing a safe and unique storage option for your Refills or anything else you'd like to keep organized?

Get your hands on this charming Refill Home here or receive it as a complimentary gift with the purchase of a Clean Year Bundle.

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  • Charlotte Andrews on

    What an amazing initiative, I’ve signed! :)

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