Conscious City Guide


We challenge you to replace your regular travel habits with planet-friendly alternatives. Take the train instead of the plane. Surprise yourself with the natural wonders behind your front door. Reconnect with the outdoors while seeking harmony between exploring and restoring.

Explore our hometown Rotterdam through our Conscious City Guide.


Hotel Âme is a hotel, café and store in the centre of Rotterdam. They inspire modern travellers with their Japanese and Scandinavian design. They value both craftsmanship and sustainability.


Mecca’s fully vegetarian kitchen is inspired by the streets of the Middle East. Enjoy their silky smooth hummus, a sparkling passion pepper lemonade or a Kashmiri chai. They call themselves a family home rather than a restaurant.


This unique store in the Hofbogen is not just a 'flower shop'. They prefer to call it a Botanical warehouse. Everywhere you look you see huge pots and plants, special design items and of course the most dreamy flowers.


Trompenburg Gardens & Arboretum is a beautiful botanical garden in Kralingen. With their unique collection of trees and plants, it is a true discovery for peace seekers and green lovers from inside and outside the city.