Conscious City Guide


We challenge you to replace your regular travel habits with planet-friendly alternatives. Take the train instead of the plane. Surprise yourself with the natural wonders behind your front door. Reconnect with the outdoors while seeking harmony between exploring and restoring.

Explore Antwerp through our Conscious City Guide.


Graanmarkt 13 is a special house in Antwerp where each floor tells a story. Founded by Ilse Cornelissens and Tim van Geloven. Under just one roof, you will find a store, a restaurant and guest accommodation. As a high-end boutique, Graanmarkt 13 has been resisting the fast pace of fashion.


St. Vincents was founded in 2016 by Henri Delbarre andGeraldine Jackman, an economist-lawyer duo who turned an abandoned three-story building into an artistic showroom. The space is dedicated to established artists, creatives, designers and artisans. Henri and Geraldine showcase a hand-picked collection that range from collector’s pieces to anonymous rare finds and contemporary designers that aim to evoke and inspire a certain aesthetic appreciation.


Stroll around with fellow art lovers in search for antique treasures. The Kloosterstraat is a must visit when in Antwerp, one of the few streets that’s open Sundays. The street counts multiple antique shops, interior stores and galleries. The best spot for your next sustainable shopping spree.


Renaissance is a multi-brand store for men and women where you will find ready-to-wear collections as well as accessories and shoes from well-known international and national luxury brands. In addition, the store also makes room for young designers to display their seasonal collections. The store is located at the Lange Gasthuisstraat 12.


Graanmarkt 13’s honest and healthy kitchen has been rewarded with a ‘green’ Michelin star in 2021. The downstairs restaurant offers an outstanding menu with focus on vegetarian tapas-like dishes.


On the corner of the British Lei, you will find Osaka Antwerp. A dive bar – a place for specialty drinks and casual vibes, with small bites to share. Industrial design with lots of stone and metal, supplemented with yellow Bruno Rey chairs, designed by Petillon Ceuppens architects.