An old-fashioned ritual in return

Doing the dishes has become an old-fashioned ritual. In a lot of households, this ritual made room for a ‘dishie', also known as the dishwasher. But don’t you also have good memories from the days that you did the dishes, spending your holiday as ‘captain sink’ while your sibling was in charge of the dishcloth? The idea that doing dishes is unpleasant can occur only when you aren’t doing them. We’ve created a Dish Soap that will turn the humdrum into a playful routine.

Cutting through grease with ease

1—Turn on some music or listen to a podcast while doing dishes. You will come to look forward to washing dishes this way. Instead of viewing it as a monotonous task, you'll think of it as an opportunity to unwind with your favourite tunes.

2—It can also help to change your mindset regarding your dishwashing routine. Try to view dishwashing as a calm, meditative activity that will take you from the business of your day. If you're seeing dishes as a chore, this can affect your ability to have fun while doing them.

3—Make it a competition. It can really make dishwashing seem less like a tedious chore and more like a game. Who do you challenge first?

4—Dishwashing can be a reward in and of itself. Clean dishes can make navigating your kitchen less stressful. Do not think of dishwashing as a chore. Think of it as doing yourself a favour.

5—A nice smelling dish soap is a simple change, but it can definitely improve your attitude towards dishwashing. We ensure you have more fun washing dishes, as you'll be able to enjoy a nice smell. Scroll down to discover our unique scent.

A new scent on the plate

The primary task for a dish wash is to cut through grease and get your dishes clean as quickly as possible. That said, it wouldn’t hurt if a Dish Soap also smells good, right? Infuse some aromatherapy into this chore with the kinfill Dish Soap.
The invigorating lemon and the herbaceous basil will make the arduous task feel more like a meditative moment, while making your kitchen and hands smell wonderful in the process. Discover the lemon and basil scented Dish Soap here