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Spring cleaning guide

Brighten up your home

We’ve created a guide for a fun and planet-friendly springtime routine. Clean, shine and declutter your home while contributing to a cleaner planet. Not only does decluttering create a more mindful abode, but it can also contribute to your mental well-being. So, whether you like to clean room-by-room or tackle the entire house in one sweep, this guide will get you through the season.

So let’s get to it!

Reuse to Reduce
Repurpose everyday items, from using glass jars as storage containers for spices to repurposing a cup into a toothbrush holder, If you’re willing to get creative, the possibilities are endless!

Donate to charity
If you decide to say goodbye to an unwanted item, avoid it ending up in a landfill. Donate your used clothing, toys, tools, books and furniture or list them for sale online.

Air your home
The simplest way to lower indoor air pollution levels is to open doors and windows. Let the natural breeze create a cross-flow that carries out the bad air and brings in clean air.

A clean and green home

Bring in flowers
With spring comes bright colored flowers, green grass and trees, new growth, and fresh, clean air. Why not utilize some of nature’s freshness to keep your house clean and green in the months ahead? Plants can also increase oxygen levels and help improve your overall mood.

Celebrate a job well done
Once your checklist is complete, it’s important to celebrate a well-done job. While this will look different for everyone, we always find that enjoying a refreshing treat is the perfect post-cleaning reward.

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