Kinfill x Tomomi sticker
– let your bottle bloom

We joined forces with designer Tomomi Maezawa to create a limited edition sticker that allows you to personalize your Forever bottle. Our cleaning bottles are designed to be seen, not hidden. So why not add that personal touch and let it bloom?


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The why behind the sticker

In celebration of our seasonal fragrance – Flowershop, we teamed up with designer Tomomi Maezawa to create a unique sticker.

Unique in the sense that until today it would have been unthinkable for anyone to decorate their cleaning detergent. Let’s think about that for a minute. With this collaboration, we are taking our Forever bottles to a next level. Who says design and sustainability can’t go hand in hand.

Make sure you and your Forever bottle stick together for as long as you both shall clean. Whoever said Forever had to be boring? It’s time to slap a sticker to your bottle and bring that extra spark into your cleaning ritual.


If you think about it, the scent of a florist is actually chaotic.

About Tomomi Maezawa

Art director and designer, Tomomi, is basically all the best parts of the cross-cultural design in the flesh. Working on projects across Europe, Asia, and North America, she’s on a mission – to spread the value of cultural diversity through design.

About the design, she says ‘Flowershop inspired me to draw the flowers in a clean but also lively and organic way. If you think about it, the scent of a florist is actually chaotic. It’s like listening to an orchestra tuning up. It’s noisy yet exciting. I felt that Flowershop represented that elegant chaos. I wanted to visualize its deep yet fresh and vital smell in the form of an abstract and exaggerated flower.’

More about Tomomi

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