This Black Friday,
the soup of the day is: plastic-free

Place an order before November, 30th, and we will donate 20% to the Plastic Soup Foundation.

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Plastic Soup refers to the pollution of the sea by plastics — ranging from large pieces to microplastics and nano plastics in waters.

The Problem

We’re in deep (plastic-filled) waters. Over decades of increasing materialism and consumerist culture, plastic has reigned as the superstar of materials. Its ubiquity owes to its low cost, versatility, and robust qualities. Our once pure and clean oceans are now polluted with more plastic than ever before.

By 2030, global plastic pollution is projected to double (source).

By 2050, there will be more plastic than fish in our ocean (source).

Plastic recycling alone is struggling to keep up and cannot mitigate, nor repair the damage done.

The good news

The movement against single-use plastics is fuelled by a mix of collaboration, education, and action.

Kinfill’s clean mission focuses on eradicating the use of single-use plastics, in solidarity with an army of conscious brands and organizations around the world.

This Black Friday, we’re partnering up with the Plastic Soup Foundation and contributing 20% of total sales towards efforts to clean up our oceans.

The Plastic Soup Foundation

‘No plastic in our water or our bodies’

What they do

Our partner, Plastic Soup Foundation is an Amsterdam-based environmental organization that aims to raise awareness, educate and support the development of solutions to ‘plastic soup’.

Plastic Soup Foundation combats plastic soup at its source, focusing on three main goals:

1. Prevent plastic from ending up in the environment

2. To share knowledge about the health risks related to plastics and plastic additives

3. Achieve absolute reduction in the production and use of plastic

Ready to ride the plastic-free wave?