Resinous Foundations

A Studio Sabine Marcelis x Kinfill collaboration with a shared philosophy — sustainable design through minimizing waste. The limited-edition tray provides a home within a home.

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A home within a home

“I wanted to create something to improve the cleaning experience, even more, a unique item with which users can present their Kinfill bottles in a prominent place in their olds. That is something that would never be conceivable with old-fashioned cleaning products.”

– Reda

The tray itself is a marriage of modern aesthetics and impeccable functionality.

About Sabine

Sabine is a Dutch industrial designer whose studio is based in Rotterdam, The Netherlands. She is a versatile shapeshifter of materials such as light, glass, and resin. Her creations celebrate the diffusion of light – specifically, the sheer spectrum of color, shapes, and unpredictable phenomena that light energy produces. Sabine is Wallpaper* Designer of the Year 2020.

More about Sabine

United by geography and ethos, the tray encapsulates perfectly the overlap of Sabine and Kinfill’s vision. Headquartered in Rotterdam, an acclaimed design milieu, it is possible that perhaps the crisp Rotterdam atmosphere has permeated in both a similar sense of creative eccentricity. Both are masters of conquering irony.

Sabine, who works predominantly with tactile materials, designing visceral masterpieces seeks to transcend materialism into minimalist beauty.

Likewise, Kinfill’s aesthetic home cleaning product range seeks to reduce the use of single-use plastics, and clean up a dirty industry.

In their respective forms, Sabine and Kinfill are both in pursuit of sustainability with an underlying emphasis on design.

“Warm hues of resin are broken into fragments and re-cast into a singular surface from which the trays are created. A new, surprising materiality is revealed with different levels of transparency and colour-intesity within the fragments. The trays define a space where the Kinfill bottles can live, an artful storage and display space,” —  Sabine Marcelis


The trays are produced by reusing existing resin panels, rescued from Sabine’s studio. The process of total destruction to complete restoration is existentially beautiful in that the end product is a materialistic phoenix, reborn, but whole. What could have become mere waste, has been repurposed for longevity and pleasure for the conscious user.

The complexity of colour, hues, and transparency found within each tray is an inevitable product of the production process.

Like this, the Kinfill tray becomes a most personal artifact and tool, each with a distinct resinous DNA.

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