We are — A Clean(ing) Business

Kinfill is modern homecare for those who care. We offer a collection of eco-friendly home cleaning products, designed to reduce single-use plastic waste in your daily cleaning routine. Made in the Netherlands.

  • Our story
  • The Kinfill Eight
  • The Problem
  • Our solution
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The Kinfill Eight

  1. We run a clean business.

  2. Minimal impact is a condition, not a selling point.

  3. Clear and clean ingredients.

  4. We do everything aesthetically.

  5. Kinfill is an up-scale boutique brand.

  6. We are totally transparent about our partners.

  7. We are part of this diverse and inclusive world.

  8. We actively contribute to a cleaner planet.

The Problem

Recycling: A trite word with little weight.

Recycling is positioned as a panacea to the dangers of single-use plastics: a key contributor to the global environmental crisis. For most consumers, recycling is a simple concept. By categorizing waste to dispose of in labeled containers provided by the council, consumers are endowed with a sense that their role is done in the recycling circuit. Exhale, smile, polish your halo, and then proceed on mindful consumption, with the reassurance that recycled waste is harmless.

The uncomfortable truth is that up to 80% actually ends up in landfills, incinerated, or is mindlessly scattered across the world. In 2017, only 8.4% of plastic waste was properly recycled (Source: United States Environmental Protection Agency).

Corporate irresponsibility in manufacturing products out of plastic capitalizes on consumerism and a culture of convenience. Instead, vulnerable consumers are blamed for the deleterious effects of this consumerist culture.

Aside from each country’s government refining its recycling program, the more effective and timely solution seems to lie in sustainable product design.


Natural cleaning products that provide value through sustainability and thoughtful design

Our philosophy

You don’t have to change: the systems do. When brands and industries take responsibility, change will come naturally. We have designed our beautiful cleaning products to be devoid of single-use plastics. Our goal is to provide a sustainable solution to the paradox of the dirty nature of the cleaning business. By using Kinfill products, you contribute to the eradication of plastic pollution with minimal effort, maximum joy, and in the comfort of your home.

Our unique design helps products exceed the current benchmark in the cleaning industry. We are on a perpetual innovative quest to provide the highest quality home care essentials.


We make our products from eco-friendly ingredients that are kind to you and the planet. Our 100 percent biodegradable concentrates are made-to-blend at home with tap water in a lasting bottle of Italian glass. Finally, our packaging minimizes environmental impact with its thoughtful and sustainable design.

Kinfill is modern homecare
for those who care.