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Multi Surface Cleaner Kit

500 mL / 16.9 fl. oz.


Our all-purpose cleaner, our keystone product, the Holy Grail of cleaning! Ok, you get it. But where else will you find a multi-surface, eco-friendly, gentle, concentrated formula suitable for any hard surface (from wooden coffee tables to marble countertops), that cleans your home and fills it with a glorious scent?

Buy it once, refill it forever.

— Vegan
— Palm-oil free
— No single-use plastic

About us

A sustainable protocol

We don't mince words, so here it is: our products are guaranteed to clean, our ingredients are engineered to be environmentally safe, our bottles have unlimited reuse, and our packaging reduces water transportation. Being clean isn't just a choice, it's a duty.

No harmful ingredients
Our products are free from evil things like Palm oil, Aluminium, Formaldehyde, Phthalate, Mineral Oils, Paraben, Silicone, Sodium Lauryl Sulphate (SLS), Sulphate, Toluene, or Soap.

No single-use plastic
Quit buying those plastic spray bottles, forever.

No animal cruelty
We love our furry friends.

Common questions

4 reviews
Jaap Giesen
Looks great, easy to use and smells really good!
Very satisfied with the fast delivery and service! The product speaks for itself and is very easy to refill.
Mathilde den Daas
You guys, i love the new website! I've tried the Lavender and the Flowershop, both scents are so good! Next time I will try the Naranja. It cleans really well and the bottle, hello!