Kitchen Cleaner Kit

Kitchen Cleaner Kit

500 mL / 16.9 fl. oz.

€ 24,95

There’s no way around it: cooking is a dirty game. So, meet the worst enemy of that unbearable spattered grease: it works delightfully on everything from stainless steel to natural stone, it leaves no halos whatsoever, and of course, it smells great. Anything else?

Buy it once, refill it forever.

About us

A sustainable protocol

We don't mince words, so here it is: our products are guaranteed to clean, our ingredients are engineered to be environmentally safe, our bottles have unlimited reuse, and our packaging reduces water transportation. Being clean isn't just a choice, it's a duty.

No harmful ingredients
Our products are free from evil things like Palm oil, Aluminium, Formaldehyde, Phthalate, Mineral Oils, Paraben, Silicone, Sodium Lauryl Sulphate (SLS), Sulphate, Toluene, or Soap.

No single-use plastic
Quit buying those ugly plastic spray bottles, forever.

No animal cruelty
How could you even think about that?

Common questions
1 review
Gisele Azad
I've been using Kinfill products for over a year and it has changed my cleaning routine. The scent, the design and the effectiveness is sublime crafted, I just feel good about cleaning and showing off the glass bottles. I've gifted it to all my friends and everyone loves it. I think from the line the Kitchen cleanser is my favorite so far!
Kitchen Cleaner Kit - €24.95