Tub & Tile Cleaner


Kinfill Tub & Tile Cleaner leaves your bathroom with a spotless, elegant touch. Its eco-friendly formulation is kind to most surfaces, including ceramic tiles, porcelain, stainless steel, and fiberglass.

Select your fragrance:

Guaranteed to clean, our products are made in the Netherlands, vegan and formulated from clean ingredients that are kind to you and the planet.


We design our formulas to be kind to your home, and our planet.

ethoxylated alcohol – benzalkonium chloride – octylglucoside – trisodium salt, Monopropylene glycol – isopropylalcohol – citric acid – natural fragrance

Product features

Our products are free from:

Palm-oil  – Aluminium – Formaldehyde – Phthalate – Gluten – Mineral oils – Paraben – Silicone – Sodium Lauryl Sulphate – Sulphate – Toluene – Soap

How to use

The Kinfill Cleaning Kit comes with a Forever glass bottle, a trigger sprayer, one cleaning extract, and a rubber bottle protector.

Before you start cleaning:
1. Pour the complete Kinfill extract into the Forever bottle.
2. Fill the bottle up to its neck with cold water.
3. Gently shake and get started.



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Each cleaning kit contains a forever glass bottle, one vial of natural cleaning concentrate, and accessories like the rubber bottle protector and durable plastic trigger spray. It provides you with the full kit to start your clean cleaning.