Room Fragrance — Kinfill x Supernova

The room spray is our latest collaboration with Rotterdam-based award-winning Supernova Hotel. It is the signature hotel fragrance, encased in our 500mL forever glass bottle.

Top notes: sandalwood, smoke, leather

Spray owners receive a 5% discount voucher for a hotel stay with their initial purchase and can refill their bottle endlessly at Supernova’s boutique hotel shop, Superette. 

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Exclusive collaboration

“Much needed time to take care of our homes and trigger our most vivid travel memories.”

The room spray is the inevitable creation between the two kindred spirits of Supernova Hotel and Kinfill. The distinct scent of Supernova’s common spaces accentuates its ‘non-hotel’ qualities, in the sense that the aroma reflects its award-winning, homy interior.

In line with the Kinfill philosophy, the spray is designed with the environment in mind. The spray comes in the 500mL signature bottle made of glass that can be refilled endlessly at Supernova’s boutique hotel shop, Superette.

Smell is the only sensation that travels a direct path to the emotional and memory centers of the brain.

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