Limited edition tray by Studio Sabine Marcelis

100 unique and hand-numbered pieced created exclusively by Rotterdam-based designer Sabine Marcelis. Using largely remnant materials, the trays were designed for the presentation of our Kinfill bottles. A collaboration with a shared philosophy: minimizing waste. Each tray comes in a gift box.

Material: Resin
Dimensions: 30x14x3 cm

The number of trays sold per order is limited to one piece. 

Exclusive collaboration

Design and sustainability go hand in hand.

A shared philosophy

United by geography and ethos, the tray encapsulates perfectly the overlap of Sabine and Kinfill’s vision. Headquartered in Rotterdam, an acclaimed design milieu, it is possible that perhaps the crisp Rotterdam atmosphere has permeated in both a similar sense of creative eccentricity. Both are masters of conquering irony.



Sabine, who works predominantly with tactile materials, designing visceral masterpieces seeks to transcend materialism into minimalist beauty. Likewise, Kinfill’s aesthetic home cleaning product range seeks to reduce the use of single-use plastics, and clean up a dirty industry.

In their respective forms, Sabine and Kinfill are both in pursuit of sustainability with an underlying emphasis on design.

The tray is not only a beautiful item, it is also a functional one with which the Kinfill products can be given a more visible place in the home.

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