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You can't judge this book by its cover

Each custom kinfill box is made and folded from one single sheet of FSC certified recycled cardboard, and is completely free of toxic adhesives.

These customized boxes will ensure a safe and carbon-neutral journey for your kinfill products. From our warehouse in Rotterdam to the doorstep of your home.

As clean as it gets

The name speaks for itself, our Forever bottles, made from Italian glass are meant to use eternally.

Our refill vials have been developed to be fully and easily recyclable, which means you can dispose of them after use. Make sure to properly recycle all unwanted packaging.

Find out more about recycling below.

The cycle of sustainable living

By using kinfill products you’re saving our planet from single-use plastic.

We recommend separating the aluminum lids from the glass vials and putting them into municipal recycling bins. Disassemble the cardboard boxes and recycle them with similar materials.

Ask your local council or government for guidance and instructions regarding recycling capabilities.