Naranja n°55
Timeless fragrance

Let the zest of Naranja n°55 bring into your home a scent that evokes all the uplifting effervescence of the world’s oldest fruit tree.


  • Top notes
  • Rosemary


  • Heart notes
  • Vanilla, Thyme


  • Base notes
  • Tangerine, Citrus


Rooted in the art of nature

With an absolute commitment to sustainability and transparency, our Naranja n°55 scent is responsibly sourced with ingredients that are good for you and the Earth

As clean as it gets

Our cleanly formulated fine fragrance compositions combines nature’s ancient elements with the innovation of green science to create sophisticated fragrances.

Each scent will imbue a unique charm to your space, provide aromatherapeutic benefits for users of your space, and is extracted from the highest quality of natural botanical roots.


Our fragrances are blended from natural ingredients and conform to the Ecocert and Ecolabel standards.


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