Recycling is simple, right? Just save up all those empty plastic bottles and put them in the recycling container, ready to be melted down and turned into new ones. Then polish your halo, presumably using a cleaning fluid that came out of a plastic bottle.

If only it were that easy. Sadly, the idea that plastic recycling is good for the planet is a fairy tale sold to us by the manufacturers and the retailers who profit from it. In reality, entire categories of plastic are rarely recycled. According to the United States Environmental Protection Agency as little as 8.4 per cent of the plastic discarded in 2017 went through that magic recycling process. The rest goes to landfill, or is incinerated. Often our plastic “recycling” is shipped abroad. A Greenpeace investigation has found plastic packaging from Europe, Japan and Australia discarded at multiple illegal dump sites in Malaysia. By tricking us into thinking we can use as much plastic as we want so long as we put it in the recycling container, companies are shifting the responsibility for their big corporate mess onto the individual.

Experts agree that the best, most sustainable thing we can really do is start buying as if nothing we use gets recycled. By eradicating single-use plastic use in your cleaning regime, Kinfill is part of a more sustainable future.